New York Quartz Stone Fabrication

Stone Fabrication

We’re not only a stone supplier – we’re a full-feature stone fabrication shop. Equipped with the latest Italian stonecutting machinery and staffed by professionals with decades of experience, our fab shop can create custom countertops, wall art panels, decor pieces, corporate nameplates, and much more.


New York Quartz – Showroom – Stone Tiles Display 1 New York Quartz – Showroom – Statue of Liberty 2 New York Quartz – Showroom – Statue of Liberty 1 New York Quartz – Showroom – Seating Area 2 New York Quartz – Showroom – Seating Area 1 New York Quartz – Showroom – Retractable…

7 interior design influencers you should be following on Instagram and Pinterest

Looking for design influencers for your bathroom renovation or kitchen makeover? Well, this blog is probably the best place to start – but in case you need more ideas, here are some of our favorite interior designers to follow on Instagram and Pinterest. 1. Paloma Contreras This Houston-based interior designer has been honored by both…

Midnight Quartz

Where does quartz come from?

We’ve written before about the advantages of quartz countertops for your kitchen renovation. But… where does all that stone come from? In this week’s blog, we’re taking a closer look at quartz production and how we source our world-class countertops. Quartz varieties First of all, it’s important to remember that quartz comes in many different…

5 Kitchen Cabinet Handles We Love

It’s one of the most fun parts of custom cabinet design. First, you have to think about your dimensions and storage space. Next, the materials and finish for your custom kitchen cabinets. But last of all, you get to choose the cabinet handles – those cute little details that complete the design. Here are 5 of our favorite ideas right now.