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3 new trends for tiles and flooring

Did you know that we offer tiling and flooring services at New York Quartz? And just like our work with countertops and cabinets, we like to stay on top of the latest trends. Here are some of the innovative ideas we expect to see in kitchen and bathroom renovations next year.

Innovative materials

Flooring isn’t just about wood, stone or linoleum any more. We’re seeing new and more environmentally-friendly materials, such as polished concrete. These flooring options combine a glossy, modern look with serious green credentials.

We’re also seeing traditional materials used in new ways: architects and designers have started to wake up to the potential of porcelain tiles. And it’s not just about the surface. We’re seeing innovation under the floorboards too, with storage solutions and underfloor heating.

Geometric patterns

Curves are out, straight lines are in. We’re seeing designers return to bright colors, strong patterns, and geometric line designs. But that doesn’t just mean square tiles – we’re talking chevrons, herringbone patterns, and even mix-and-match tiles of different sizes and shapes.

Statement floors

It’s easy to ignore the floor under your feet. But interior designers have started to make the floor the focus in their latest designs. Stone and natural wood floors are using extra-large planks or stone flags to make an impact. Brightly-colored and patterned concrete tiles get plenty of attention, too.

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