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quartz fabrication

Fabricating Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz Fabrication

We don’t outsource our stone cutting work. We have our own facility, filled with advanced Italian stone cutting machinery and staffed by professionals with years of experience.


We create kitchen countertops in a matter of hours – not days or weeks.


There’s no additional markup or middlemen.


Our stone cutting machinery is state-of-the-art.


quartz fabrication

One-Stop Shop for Quartz Kitchen Countertops

We’re a Stone Yard, Design Center, Showroom, and Fabricator – under one roof.

We have the inventory of stone, experienced designers to recommend the right type and color, multiple kitchen and bathroom displays, and our own fabrication and delivery service.

We’re with you from concept to completion.

quartz fabrication

Full Size Slabs

It’s difficult to get an idea of the stone’s color, texture, and overall “feel” from a small sample. That’s why we have an indoor stone yard with full-size slabs, so you can experience the beautiful materials up close. 

In addition, we have 100s of oversized samples of engineered stone from Caesarstone, Cambria, Dekton, Compac, and other leading manufacturers.

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quartz fabrication

CNC Machinery

“CNC” stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. Once a design is entered into the system, high-precision robotic arms, assisted by laser guidance, position and move the cutting blades, carving out the exact shape needed, at a speed and precision unmatched by human stonemasons.

Robots, lasers, and diamond saws. No matter the complexity of your stone-cutting project – we have the technology to make it happen.

quartz fabrication

Freedom to Create

Fabricating products in-house allows us to be creative with the production process. We’re not limited to picking out products and designs from a catalog.

We can carve and shape stone into any form, whether it’s a countertop, a wall panel, corporate logo, or artwork.

Custom edges, custom shapes, custom layers – the possibilities are truly endless.


Why choose us

One-Stop Shop for Quartz Kitchen Countertops


New York Quartz is an approved fabricator for Caesarstone, Cambria, Dekton, Silestone, Cosentino, Wilsonart, and many other brands of engineered

Quality Control

One of the biggest problems with the “traditional” approach of getting stone slabs from a yard, then going to a separate company for fabrication

Time Savings

Another benefit of having quartz kitchen countertops in Boynton Beach, FL produced “on the spot” is the speed with which they can be created


We have been making quartz kitchen countertops in Boynton Beach, FL and surrounding areas for over 20 years, and we have perfected the process

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