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There are many reasons people remodel their bathrooms. Maybe you’re tired of the look. Maybe the fixtures and features should be updated. Maybe it’s not using the space wisely. But no matter what the reason, we’re here to help you with the process, every step of the way.

Based on our experience with 1000s of customers over the 20+ years we’ve been remodeling bathrooms, here are the top 10 most frequent reasons people reach out to us for Florida bathroom remodeling.

Even though every habitable room in a house will experience some wear and tear over the years, the impact is profoundly noticed in the home’s bathroom areas. Necessity of use, temperature differences, and humidity, all contribute to the bathroom often looking more “worn out” than other rooms in the house.

Any real estate agent will tell you that after the kitchen, the 2nd most emotionally impactful room in a house is the bathroom. Prospective home buyers want to see a beautiful, well-made, and comfortable bathroom, since they’ll imagine themselves spending time in the room every morning and night. A well-renovated bathroom is sure to raise the resale value of a home, even after you’ve enjoyed it for years. It’s not a splurge, it’s an investment.

The bathroom is one of the first things you see when you get up in the morning, so it’s important for it to look beautiful and add a sense of positivity to the start of your day. Of course, it’s also one of the last places you’ll visit at night, and the feeling you get from a warm shower or a luxurious bath, will contribute to peaceful sleep and a refreshing morning.

Few things are better than relaxing under a nice hot shower, or soaking in a big tub with some quality music in the background, after a long day or an accomplishment-filled week.

Plain and simple – a newly remodeled bathroom improves your quality of life. It’s a sanctuary and a place of relaxation and self-care, both important considerations in today’s hectic times.

bathroom update doesn’t have to involve a complete teardown and rebuild. Even small changes – a new vanity countertop, an updated mirror, more comfortable lighting – can make a big difference in the enjoyment level. Not sure how far you need to go or what you can accomplish within your budget? Talk to our designers and let’s come up with the right solution! Call us at (754) 222-8345, or send us a message through the Contact page.

Not a topic anyone likes to think about, but sometimes it needs to be addressed. One of the most maintenance-heavy rooms in the house, the bathroom is also one of the most potentially dangerous. Cracked tiles, leaking faucets, improperly sealed fixtures, and badly-designed cabinets can create a variety of problems. The good news is, by working out a remodel plan with an experienced design team, you can ensure that current problems are solved, and future problems are avoided.

If your house was built over 20 years ago, chances are the plumbing and fixtures are from a time when environmental issues were not a concern. Remodeling a bathroom with new, energy-efficient and water-saving fixtures could translate not only into a lower environmental impact you can feel good about, but into lower water and electric bills.

Eco-friendly toilets, low-flow showerheads, efficient exhaust fans, skylights, heated floors, and LED lighting, are just some of the upgrades that can be incorporated into a bathroom remodel to make it much more efficient – without sacrificing (and often improving!) comfort and style.

Remodeling a bathroom also gives you a chance to incorporate some amazing technology that will greatly improve the self-care process. From “smart mirrors” with LED lighting and built-in displays, to sensor-enabled toilets that sanitize themselves, to showerheads that feature aerated & massage settings, the right choice of technologically-innovative bathroom fixtures can transform a daily routine into a spa-like experience.

“The longer you stay in a house, the smaller it gets”. This adage holds especially true for bathrooms. Personal care items, cosmetics, medications, towels, razors, cleaning products, paper goods, and so on, and so forth – there are so many things that a bathroom must accommodate. A new bath remodel can take into account the increased storage demands, and satisfy them by adding more storage spaces and improving the organization of existing areas – concealed shelves and medicine cabinets, nooks and ledges around the bathtub, and other design techniques.

A complete bathroom remodel is also an opportunity to inspect and update the plumbing. This is especially important in older homes, whose bathrooms may be plagued by problems that require repeated visits by the local plumber. The expenses and inconveniences may pile up to the point where it’s easier to fix the underlying problem, than to keep correcting its symptoms.

Another top issue with older bathrooms is the health risk and cleaning hassle of mold and mildew. Even if the plumbing is absolutely perfect – and it rarely is – the moist and warm environment of a bathroom is a perfect breeding ground for those annoying microorganisms. Renovating a bathroom, checking and updating the plumbing, using advanced finishing materials, and adding effective ventilation, should put an end to scrubbing things with bleach once and for all.

As families grow and change, bathrooms should change with them. The needs of a young couple living alone are radically different than those of a family with multiple kids, or older people who may need special accommodations to use bathroom facilities. A complete bathroom remodel is an excellent opportunity to add kid-friendly features, additional safety measures, hand-rails, and so on; or even replace the standard bathtub with a step-in tub.

Maybe you’ve already repainted the living room, updated the furniture in the bedroom, got elegant new window treatments, but you feel somewhat like Marie Kondo because it’s just not “bringing you joy”. There’s just something missing.

Well, maybe that “something” is a bathroom update. Chances are, you don’t even know what stunning design techniques have emerged in the recent years, or what amazing products have made their mark on the market. Did you know about smart mirrors that can stream video while you’re relaxing in the bathtub – or display stock quotes while you’re shaving, so you can get a jump on the competition? How about heated floors that make the room super comfortable – while actually saving on heating bills? There’s so much to discover in the world of bathrooms, from floor to ceiling!

So, if you’re ready to remodel, or have questions, get in touch with us – with 1000s of bathroom remodels, we have the experience and the materials to make your bathroom amazing!

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