Mitered Edge Countertops

Kitchen countertops made from natural stone, as well as cultured stone materials (Quartz), have been around for decades. There are 100s of colors, textures, and variations – and everybody has one. How do you make your kitchen stand out from the crowd? How do you get a fresh, modern look?

The answer just may be… a “Mitered Edge Countertop”.

What is that?

Putting it simply, it’s the technique of calling attention to the countertop by emphasizing its edges, and showcasing the continuing texture of the material as it wraps around the corners.

Mitering makes the object, whether it’s a counter, table, or bar top, look richer and more luxurious. With the right stone (and/or wood), the visual effect can be outright stunning and make the counter the absolute focal point of the room.

How is it made?

Unlike standard counters, which are made from a relatively thin layer of stone with a decorative edge, the miter is made from 2 thick slabs of stone, cut at a 45-degree angle, and joined together so the texture of the stone flows around the corner.

Why do I want one?

  1. It looks amazing. Mitered edge is the hottest new trend, and considering its minimalism and elegance, it looks like it’s here to stay.
  2. It appears more expensive than it actually is. The visual effect is that you took a huge slab of stone (3 feet thick) and carved a 1-piece countertop out of it. The reality is that we took a regular slab with a specific texture, and expertly carved it in a specific way to achieve this result.
  3. It fits with a variety of kitchen designs and decor styles. Modern design calls for shapes that flow smoothly, without any noticeable breaks or lines. A mitered countertop is the perfect finishing touch for a modern kitchen or bathroom.
  4. It’s a simple way to instantly upgrade the style of the entire room. Instead of doing a complete renovation of the kitchen or bathroom, a mitered edge counter can really elevate the look and create a completely new feeling.

Does it have to be a straight angle?

No, not at all. While the majority of mitered countertops you’ll see are indeed made at a 90-degree angle, our custom fabrication shop can create other variations. We can make a dramatic sharp angle, or any variation you can think of. With our advanced CNC machinery, and our decades of experience, we can shape the stone into whatever form we wish – the only limit is your imagination!

Ready to make a wow-worthy countertop? Give us a call today at (754) 300-4094 and visit our showroom to see (and feel!) the actual materials.