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Illuminated Stone Countertops & Stone Deco

Not only are our stone and quartz materials beautiful, but many of them are translucent, so they’re suitable for creating backlit (illuminated) decorations.

Countertops, bar tops, wall panels, fireplace surrounds, floor inserts – there’s no limit to what we can create. From opulent and classic to high-tech and modern, illuminated stone is a welcome addition to any room design.

Using the latest advancements in LED technology, our designers can envision illuminated stone creations that are evenly and smoothly lit, avoiding “hot spots” or obvious edges. This opens the door to brand-new design tactics – using the stone as not only a decor object, but a source of light and color-casting in the room. Check out some examples in the galleries below, to see the stunning variety of ideas that have never been possible before.


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