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5 bathroom design trends for 2020

We’re at the start of a new decade – so what will the 2020s hold for bathroom design? Here are the 5 trends we’re most excited about.

#1 Hi-tech cabinets

Your medicine cabinet and bathroom vanity are about to get a lot more sophisticated. Modern bathroom cabinets include hidden lighting, charging pads, and even heating pads. You’ll be able to fully customize your cabinet designs for total convenience.

#2 Marbled patterns

At NYQ, we’re big fans of classic marble – so we love to see this trend! Marble effects and marbled patterns are everywhere, from countertops to wallpaper, painted wood, and even cabinet liners.

#3 Art Deco angles

The original Art Deco trend started in Europe, just about one hundred years ago. Now it’s back, with a modern twist.

Look out for geometric patterns in tiled flooring and statement walls. You’ll also see appliances, shower fittings, and even bathtubs with the elegant angles and curves of the Art Deco style. Our favorite thing about this trend? Those Art Deco-style bathtubs look deliciously, luxuriously deep!

#4 Custom shower enclosures

It’s the natural next step after custom cabinets. Shower enclosures are getting smarter, too. Whether you choose a wet room area, invisible glass doors, or a natural stone enclosure… anything is possible!

Integrated lighting is also a major trend for this new decade. So next time you renovate your bathroom, you’ll be able to add flattering mood lighting to the shower enclosure, too.

#5 Natural materials

Here’s one last trend which was mentioned by all our sources. Natural materials are about to become very popular. We’re thinking quartz and granite, natural wood, and more exotic materials like bamboo or even basketwork.

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