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5 Kitchen Cabinet Handles We Love

It’s one of the most fun parts of custom cabinet design. First, you have to think about your dimensions and storage space. Next, the materials and finish for your custom kitchen cabinets. But last of all, you get to choose the cabinet handles – those cute little details that complete the design. Here are 5 of our favorite ideas right now.

Vintage brass

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: vintage design is really hot right now! Polished round handles or neat brass tabs remind us of huge Elizabethan kitchens, and white walls hung with copper pans. Brass handles will stand out against painted or varnished wooden cabinets.

Easy-grab bars

This is a much more modern design: a slim metal bar that runs the full length of your cabinet. They are easy to grab, for little children’s hands or busy cooks. Choose from metals in a range of gloss and colors.

Hidden handles

If you want a clean, smooth-faced cabinet design, then hidden handles are the way to go. Instead of a handle which sticks out, the manufacturer cuts a shallow recess into the top or side of the cabinet door. Just take hold of the edge to open it.

Rustic rope or wood

Here’s a trend which is very popular with vintage and indie designers. Highly varnished or painted cabinets are set off by handles made of distressed wood or upcycled rope. This can be a fun detail in a family kitchen, or part of a themed summer house design. Be aware that this style may be more difficult to clean than other handles.

Vibrant porcelain

Last on our list are porcelain handles. Gleaming white or painted in bright colors, they add life to any kitchen design. We’re looking at traditional Turkish tile designs for color and pattern inspiration.

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