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6 ideas for bathroom design you haven’t heard before

We all know that avocado bathtubs are out of fashion. But are you up to date on the very latest trends in bathroom remodels? Some of these ideas might surprise you – fresh from showrooms in 2019.

The lighting: industrial

You might be used to soft lighting and concealed light fixtures. But in fact, the hottest lighting style right now is exposed, industrial-style lighting. We’re talking bare bulbs and wires used as a statement piece against white walls. Just make sure you choose the right color, intensity, and location of your light fixtures so that they still provide a flattering glow.

The shelf: leaning ladders

In line with the trend for stripped-back, warehouse chic, shelves have gone minimalist. Instead of concealed cabinets or glossy vanities, the latest shelf design is an open ladder, leaned up against a wall. Use it to hang towels or put your fanciest bath salts on display.

The color: Millennial pink

It’s official: pink is now gender neutral, and everyone loves it. The famous “Millennial” pink is a relatively soft shade – like a pastel pink, but with extra warmth. Choose pink in bathroom accessories, statement walls, or furniture accents.

The shower: monolith

The days of tiny mosaic tiles and geometric designs are over. In 2019, showers are built from monolithic granite or quartz slabs. They’re easier to clean, and fit neatly with the distressed-minimalist look that’s so popular right now.

The fixtures: matte nickel

So we’ve got industrial lighting, ladders on the walls, and plain stone showers. Next, take the shine off your taps and bathroom fixtures! For years, shiny chrome has been the metal of choice for bathroom renovations – but now designers and homeowners prefer matte nickel.

The accessory: succulents

Finally, you can add a flash of color to your bathroom remodel with succulents and leafy plants. Tiny plants in cute pots are wildly popular in interior design this year. Plus, they add to a spa atmosphere in your bathroom.

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