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Benefits of Granite Countertops

Benefits of Granite Countertops – If you’re planning to install new countertops, it’s important to invest in a durable material that’ll withstand the wear and tear from frequent use. A material that’s hard as a rock would do the trick. The good news is that such a material exists in the form of granite. Granite is 100% natural and a product of molten rock that was compressed for millions of years. It’s safe to say that granite is a tried and tested material that withstood colossal amounts of pressure beneath the surface. For many people, granite countertops are a natural choice.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, 62% of millennial home buyers preferred granite or natural countertops. Here are the top three benefits of granite countertops that might win you over, too.

1. They’re Highly Damage-Resistant

Since it’s a natural rock, it makes sense that granite has high heat resistance. That means you can place hot pots and pans directly on the countertop without fear of ruining your investment. Granite can only recrystallize at extremely high temperatures, so it’s a natural insulator that can stand the heat in the kitchen. Another reason why granite is so durable is that it resists chips and scratches. Granite has a pretty high score when it comes to mineral hardness, meaning that it can’t easily be scratched. Although it’s always good to use a cutting board in the kitchen, you can be confident that your countertops won’t sustain chips and scratches from normal use.

Additionally, granite can be stain-resistant, given that the surface has been properly sealed. Remember that granite is a porous material that needs to be sealed to be completely waterproof. Once enough coats of sealer have been applied, you can enjoy a stain-resistant countertop surface. The sealer also helps to protect against chemicals, such as acids and bases. Moreover, granite is resistant to bacteria and dirt, making it a family-friendly countertop material that’s incredibly easy to clean. Sealing granite countertops helps to combat the porousness, ensuring that nothing soaks into the material. Instead, you’ll have a smooth flat surface that’s easy to clean with a few wipes. This is important in family homes where the kitchen gets a lot of use. In such cases, it’s a lifesaver to have countertops that are resistant to many everyday occurrences.

Since granite is a genuine, natural material that’s quarried from the earth in its natural state, you can expect it to last for many years if installed properly. This is part of the reason why this material is such a sustainable choice. For starters, granite requires little processing – all that’s needed is to cut the natural stone into slabs for use in your home. This is better compared to some engineered countertop materials, which require toxic chemicals and produce harmful emissions during production. When you choose granite countertops, you can sit back and relax without worrying about replacing your countertops for the next few decades.

2. They’re Versatile and Aesthetically Appealing

Granite surfaces are not only remarkable because of their durability, but they can also instantly transform the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen. If you want an easy way to switch up the ambiance of the room, granite surfaces can provide you with this opportunity. The versatility of granite comes from the fact that it can be custom-made and is available in pre-cut and edged countertops. That means you’ll have more flexibility when choosing the right option based on your kitchen’s design, the shapes and sizes you prefer for your countertop, and where the seams will be located. There are even exotic options if you’re looking to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a truly unique masterpiece. You can purchase granite sourced from quarries where a unique stone has been discovered, though such a premium option is likely to fetch a higher price.

It’s worth it for a one-of-a-kind kitchen or bathroom. If your budget is flexible, it’s always a good idea to invest in only the finest quality granite that gives your space a million-dollar look. Even if you don’t choose a premium option, you should know that there are many different types of granite because granite is found in abundance all over the Earth’s surface. Any type of granite you choose will be unique because no two slabs are alike. If you look closely at the swirls and patterns, you’ll notice they vary greatly from one slab to the next. Additionally, granite is available in a wide range of colors, although your options might be limited by what mother nature produces. Black and gray granite looks fantastic, but you have more exotic color options to choose from, such as sea pearl, river white, gold, and more.

If you’re planning to sell your home down the line, granite is a material that’ll help you make the right impression. In most circles, granite is considered a high-end option that can add more value to your home simply because it looks fantastic. Homes with more aesthetic appeal tend to have a higher value, and granite can make your bathroom and kitchen more appealing to prospective buyers should you decide to sell. For added versatility, when you have granite countertops in your home, you have the benefit of a flat, smooth surface that can be used as a worktop for a wide range of activities in the kitchen or bathroom.

3. They’re Cost-Effective and Low-Maintenance

While it’s true that granite can have a higher upfront cost, this is an investment that can save you money in the long run. To begin with, once you purchase the material, installing the countertops doesn’t have to break the bank. In addition, you have to consider that granite countertops offer more value for your money since they last longer. That means you won’t have to replace your countertops again, so you save more money by not having to constantly upgrade your countertops. Inferior materials degrade quickly and require a replacement sooner. The good news is you can find an option that suits your budget, depending on the size, thickness, and colors of the granite slabs.

Once you make the investment, you’ll be pleased to know that granite countertops require minimal maintenance. The most important requirement for maintaining your granite countertops is to ensure that the surface is resealed when needed. As mentioned, granite is a porous material, so it must be sealed to prevent the absorption of liquids, which could result in stains otherwise. Your granite countertops will be sealed when they’re initially installed, but the coat can wear off, so a new application is required from time to time.

Additionally, in the rare event that the surface gets damaged, granite countertops are relatively easy to repair. All you have to do is call a professional to repair the crack or chip. In most instances, the repairs are performed by filling in the dent with an epoxy that matches the exact color of the surface. That means all signs of damage will instantly disappear.

There’s no denying the impressive benefits of granite countertops, as evidenced by their popularity. Overall, granite countertops are renowned for their durability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness. They’re also easy to repair, and if you stick to the minimal maintenance requirements, you can keep your granite countertops in the best possible condition for many years to come. Are you convinced that granite countertops are the best option for you based on their amazing benefits? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with New York Quartz today.

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