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Different sink shapes and how to use them

At NYQ, we offer a huge range of different sinks. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t panic! Here’s what all those different shapes and styles mean – and how to make the right choice for your kitchen redesign.

How much sink space do you need?

Start by thinking about your practical needs. Most sinks are a standard size (22 inches by 30 inches). If you have a small kitchen, or don’t cook very much, then a single bowl sink will probably be enough.

However, a double bowl sink is often more useful. With two chambers in the sink, you can use one for washing dishes and another for preparing food, for example. A double offset sink has two chambers with different sizes. This is a great solution if you want access to a double sink, but need to save space.

Another option is to add a prep sink or bar sink. These sinks are very small, and they’re installed separately from your main kitchen sink. You use them exclusively for food prep or mixing drinks. For example, you could have a double bowl sink set into your main kitchen countertop, with a prep sink set into a separate kitchen island.

How to fit sinks into your countertop

Next, think about how your kitchen sink fits in with your countertop and the overall design. You have a whole bunch of options:

  • Undermount. In this style, the sink is set into your countertop from underneath. It leaves a thin border of countertop space all around the sink.
  • Flush. This design sets the sink into your countertop, so that it’s completely level with the countertop surface.
  • Farmhouse or apron sink. This style – often porcelain or ceramic – has a rounded edge that hangs slightly over the countertop.
  • Self rim. This is like a combination of an undermount sink and farmhouse sink. It has a raised rim that stands out from the countertop, but it still leaves a thin border of space around the sink.

Still not sure what you need? Visit our showroom or talk to one of our experts!