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How matte black became the most popular kitchen color

It might seem unorthodox… but right now, black is the most fashionable color for kitchen designers.  The latest kitchen renovations are all about texture, depth of color, and light and shade. Here’s how the trend is shaping up for 2020 – and how to make matte black a part of your kitchen redesign.

Kitchen color trends for 2020

We’re currently seeing a shift away from the soft pastel colors and neutral tones that dominated the 2010s. If 2019 was the year of millennial pink, 2020 is going to be the year of peacock blue, forest green, and pitch black.

Yes, black. For the purposes of this trend, black is rich color like any other. Whether it’s matte or shiny, textured or smooth, designers are learning to use black in different shades and depths. It’s a great way to make your kitchen feel like a sleek entertaining space – and it’s easier to maintain than glossy white walls!

How to use matte black in your kitchen renovation

Black may be in fashion – but that doesn’t mean that your new kitchen has to be gloomy and dark. Instead, try using black as an accent color, or choose black furnishings with a high gloss that reflects the light.

Black stone countertops are currently very fashionable, whether you choose a gleaming high polish, a soft satin shine, or a honed matte finish. We’ve also seen stylish black cabinets  in painted wood or acryclic finishes.

Finally, you could consider using black tiles or kitchen appliances for a subtle effect. This way, you can show you’re in touch with the latest color trends… but keep your main décor bright and welcoming.

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