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How to make your bathroom renovation budget stretch further

Bathroom renovations can be expensive – but there are ways to manage the costs. Here are some tips to make your bathroom remodel budget go further.

Choose your priorities

Start by making a list of all the potential changes you could make. Now pick out which changes are the most urgent, or important to you.

This is an important step because it helps you plan ahead. If the budget is tight – or you run into unexpected costs later on – you already know what to prioritize.

Be aware that your priorities will differ, based on the reason for your bathroom remodel. For example, if you plan to sell or flip your house, then it’s important for the new bathroom to look fantastic. But if you want to live in the house yourself, then you might have other priorities – like a deep, luxurious bathtub, or a custom-built vanity.

Repaint cabinets and furnishings

If you’re looking for a quick fix, then a fresh coat of paint does wonders. Try repainting or refinishing your bathroom cabinets, and any other furnishings. You could also think about replacing bathroom fittings so that they match the new color scheme.

Do a deep clean

This should go without saying, of course! But we mention it here because a deep clean can have a bigger impact than you think. If your bathroom was last decorated a while ago, it’s easy for little things to stack up.

So hire a cleaner, or get a home kit, and clean any grouting between bathroom tiles and fittings. Turn out your bathroom cabinets and vanity. It’s also worth cleaning your shower head regularly so that it keeps running freely.

New lighting

Want a new perspective on your bathroom? Try changing up the lighting.

Lighting trends change fast, and technology is developing all the time. Think about what would work for you – mood lighting, mirror lights, perhaps some integrated lighting in your shower space or to illuminate bathroom cabinets.

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