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Advantages of Porcelain

Advantages of Porcelain Countertops






Your kitchen countertops are a central element of your interior design. These surfaces are where you’ll complete daily tasks and where guests might gather when they visit your home. So, are you looking for the perfect kitchen countertop material to install in your home? If so, you’re in the right place. Below we’ve covered several advantages of porcelain countertops like easy maintenance, various design styles, durability, UV resistance, heat endurance, and chemical resistance. Review this list to learn more about the advantages of porcelain countertops.

Easy Maintenance

Compared to other options, the maintenance requirements for this countertop type are considered easy. Due to porcelain being non-porous and resistant to stains, it will be easy to keep the surface of these countertops pristine. Plus, there will be no need for costly or time-consuming sealing treatments. To properly maintain porcelain countertops, you only need to periodically clean the surface with mild soap, warm water, and a microfiber washcloth. Additionally, you can use a typical multipurpose spray cleaner for those tough messes of mildew and soap scum.

Various Design Styles

While your design style options will vary depending on the manufacturer, you’ll likely find many choices when searching for porcelain countertops. It’s easy to incorporate desired colors and patterns into the surface during fabrication because it’s an engineered stone. With this said, some of the most popular looks for porcelain countertops include concrete finishes, wood grain, rusted steel, marble, and other natural stone appearances. Plus, colors for porcelain countertops that have been all the rave include beige, black, white, blue, and brown. You can easily find a style that will incorporate well with your other kitchen features, such as cabinetry, flooring, and appliances, so you can create a cohesive space.

Durability and Hardness

Porcelain countertops are popularly known for their durability and hardness. For example, this countertop option is 30% stronger than the hardest granite available, according to our experts. You won’t need to fret about being excessively careful while performing your kitchen tasks. You can cook, clean, organize, and more without the structure becoming dull and unattractive. Be prepared to use your porcelain countertops to their optimal potential for years, and be confident they’ll stay attractive and improve kitchen appeal.

UV Resistance

If you have many windows and natural light in your kitchen space, a porcelain kitchen countertop might be just the ticket. These countertops are UV resistant, meaning they’ll resist discoloration even during prolonged amounts of time to light exposure. Plus, porcelain countertops are a great option if you have an outdoor kitchen for this reason. This characteristic is uncommon, and you might need to pay for a sealing treatment if you choose a different countertop option. With this said, the easy and safe option is porcelain countertops.

Heat Endurance

During the fabrication process of porcelain countertops, there is exposure to extremely high heat. It is no surprise that these countertops can withstand elevated temperatures. Once installed, you can use your pots and pans and not worry about heat stains and irreversible damage. While you should use trivets for these hot cookware when possible, you can be confident that these countertops can withstand the high heat of up to 2,652 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface, according to Countertop Advisor.

Chemical Resistance

Many countertops options, like marble and granite, are sensitive to chemicals, which can be inconvenient for many homeowners. More often than not, this damage will look like discoloration and excessive dullness, and it can detract from the aesthetics of your kitchen. Unlike these countertop options, porcelain is resistant to these chemicals. In light of this, you can work with acidic foods, drinks, and cleaning solutions without worrying about it ruining the appearance of the countertop’s surface.

Environmentally Friendly

Porcelain countertops are made of raw and clay-based materials, making them an environmentally friendly option. Unlike other kitchen countertop options like quartz, porcelain doesn’t use harmful chemicals or resins during manufacturing. With this said, the countertops are a green construction option and a great way to be sustainable. According to Countertop Advisor, these countertops are 100% recyclable, meaning they’ll be eco-friendly no matter how old it is or the status of their condition.

Stain Resistance

Porcelain countertops resist unattractive stains from chemical-based cleaners and acidic foods such as coffee, citrus fruits, and fruit juice. These capabilities are because of their non-porous surface. So, you don’t need to worry about the countertops getting these bland patches that can ruin the appearance. Plus, you don’t need to tiptoe around your kitchen when doing your required activities.

Many Size and Thickness Options

While you may initially believe that all porcelain countertops are clunky and heavy due to their durability, think again. This kitchen countertop option is famous for its lightweight formation, which makes installation and customization a breeze. Plus, these popular lightweight countertop pieces have less visible seems compared to materials like granite. If you prefer these heavy and thick options for countertops, you can easily purchase wide porcelain with extra-large measurements for crucial kitchen features, such as an island.

Low Water Absorption

Porcelain countertops have a low water absorption rate. With this said, various liquids can’t absorb into your countertops. This factor is essential for two main reasons. First, the absorption can be unsanitary and result in different bacteria growing within the crevices of your countertop. Second, water absorption can increase your chances of getting stubborn stains that might never come out. To put it simply, these negative drawbacks won’t be a concern if you install porcelain countertops in your kitchen.

Scratch Resistance

Similar to granite and marble countertops, porcelain is resistant to scratches. You can effectively do your kitchen cooking chores without worrying about possible scratches. But, it’s crucial to note that porcelain can be damaged if exposed to scrapes from ceramic knives. Just be sure to always use a cutting board with ceramic knives, then you can ensure that your countertop will look great for years to come!

Easy Installation

Because porcelain is typically purchased in lightweight pieces, the installation process can be easy. For example, many professionals don’t remove the original material before laying the porcelain slab. On the contrary, porcelain countertops are installed directly on top of the pre-existing countertop material. In light of this, a successful installation process only depends on proper dimensions and the appropriate adhesive. All in all, the feature of being easy to install means you won’t have an extensive and costly installation process when you purchase this type of kitchen countertop. You can expect professionals to be in and out of your home with minimal costs for the installation process.

Increased Home Value

With porcelain countertops having various advantages such as being easily maintained, many design styles, UV resistance, and more, your home’s value will increase after installation. This factor means that your home will have an increased interest once it’s on the market, which allows you to raise your asking price. Plus, this home feature might also increase your chances of getting an offer on your home with a higher price from urgent house hunters. So, the selling process will be quick, and you’ll get more money than you might have initially thought.

After reviewing this list above, you can understand why porcelain countertops are optimal for you and your home. Start researching this kitchen countertop material and contact New York Quartz when you’re ready for your installation.

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