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Why Stainless Steel Never Goes Out of Style

At New York Quartz, we work with home owners, builders, and kitchen or bathroom designers. And over the decades, we’ve seen that stainless steel sinks are always popular. Of course, ceramic sinks are also a classic. And quartz or marble sinks have become a hallmark of high-end design.

But somehow, stainless steel never goes out of style. Now, why is that?

Stainless steel: the perfect material

1. It looks good

Stainless steel catches the eye because of its silvery shine. The big trend in bathroom design for 2019 will be grey or monochrome designs, with bright metallic accents. So it sounds like stainless steel will be right on trend!

2. It lasts forever

It’s right there in the name – stainless steel doesn’t corrode. It resists stains, and ages well, so your bathroom remodel will look shiny and new for years to come.

3. It’s easy to clean

When you design a new kitchen or bathroom, you need to balance elegance with practicality. You want a sink that’s hygienic and easy to clean.

4. It’s easy to shape

The biggest design trend of all? Personalization. You want a kitchen or bathroom design that’s innovative, unique, and suits your needs. So you need materials that will fit any design. When you choose stainless steel for your bathroom or kitchen sink, you’ll have an abundant choice of shape, size, and fit.

We’re here to help with every step of your bathroom design or kitchen remodel. Check out our online range, visit our experts in the showroom, or ask us to source that special design you can’t find anywhere else. Once you’ve made your choice, we’ll even install the sink for you.

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