If you looked at our gallery recently, you might have noticed something new. We’ve set up 360 degree panoramic views of our latest home renovations in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Why 360 degree views are the future

Panoramic views enable you to experience a space as if you were standing inside it. From the comfort of your computer, you can move around, zoom in and out, explore the room and even view the ceiling.

This is a big step forward from how we used to share designs. The most basic way to show an architectural design is a blue print: simple lines drawn on a page. Computer-generated images can also be helpful. They’ll give you an idea of the details, such as color schemes and furnishings.

But blueprints and 2-D images can’t show you how a space really feels. Our 360 degree views show you the real space, including light and shadow, textures, and the little details that make a house feel like a home.

How it works

To create our 360 degree views, we work with a design team and Kuula software. Kuula is a tool for creating 360 degree virtual tours and virtual reality experiences.

We start by taking detailed photographs of the space. We try to get as many images as possible, so that you can view the whole room and “move around” smoothly.

Finally, we add the virtual tour to the gallery. So you can view our past projects, get inspired, and start imagining your own home renovation!