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5 Reasons to Try Kitchen Countertop Renovation

One of the most important rooms in any home is the kitchen. Not only are kitchens where meals are prepared for you and your family, but people often congregate in the kitchen to cook together, enjoy special visits, and host get-togethers with friends. It’s one of the most used and prominent rooms in a home.

Your countertops are one of the most noticeable components in your kitchen. If your countertops are looking outdated, worn out, and shabby, perhaps it’s time to consider a renovation or replacement. Let’s discuss five reasons why trying a kitchen countertop renovation in your home could be the move for you.

1. Updating Your Countertops Adds Value to your Home

When you have your kitchen countertops remodeled or replaced, you are adding value to your home. According to Countertop Advisor, if you have a professional installation, your newly installed countertops will likely increase your home’s value by approximately three times the original value of the countertops. As you can see, this is a job worth doing for an exceptional return on investment.

2. Remodeling Kitchen Countertops Can Create More Space to Work

One of the biggest complaints that most people have regarding their kitchens is the lack of counter space. Too often, older or smaller homes are not equipped with an abundance of functional space. This can cause difficulty when cooking bigger, more intricate meals for your family.

Having a kitchen countertop remodeling project done can increase the space you have to work with. Whether it’s increasing the length or depth of your countertops or adding a completely new addition to the existing counter space, it’s advantageous to have your kitchen countertops remodeled to allow for more space to work on. This can greatly improve the practicality of your kitchen.

3. Replacing Your Old, Existing Countertops Makes the Space More Functional

Depending on how the countertops in your home have been treated during their lifetime, they may look pretty rough or show signs of wear and tear. There could be chips, cuts, peeling vinyl tops, and edges that are becoming worn or brittle. This may or may not affect the functionality of your home’s kitchen countertops, but it’s advisable to update, repair, or replace any surfaces that show damage or visibly broken parts.

4. Adding New Countertops Can Update Your Kitchen Design

Many older homes were constructed several decades ago. Some of them have been maintained in pristine condition due to the owners taking extra care of their kitchens and their countertop design. However, even countertops that are in the best physical condition can be extremely outdated.

Having dated countertops might not affect their functionality. However, if you feel embarrassed about your outdated counters when people come to visit, perhaps consider a renovation. It’s easy to transform the look of your entire kitchen by focusing on a fresh look for your kitchen countertops. You’ll be surprised at how swapping them out can make your entire space look completely new.

5. Updating Your Kitchen Counters Can Make Your Kitchen More Accessible

If you or a loved one finds themselves suddenly physically disabled due to an accident, injury, or other reasons, reaching your existing countertops may be a challenge. This can be yet another important reason for the remodeling and replacement of the existing counter surfaces in your home.

If you or someone else in your home finds themselves wheelchair-bound, it’s important to have counters that are low enough to be reached. Having access to something as vital as your kitchen when you’ve endured a major accident will allow you more freedom and the ability to do the things you once enjoyed in your own home.

Anyone who’s had a kitchen countertop remodeling job done will likely tell you it was worth doing. The happiness of having an updated, roomier look and feel in the kitchen is well worth the cost of the investment. If you’re going to resell your home at some point in the future, having newer, fresh-looking countertops is money well spent and will likely bring you even more profit when you put your home on the market. To get started with your countertop project, contact our team at New York Quartz today. We would love to assist you in creating the kitchen of your dreams!

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